European-designed, Salon-Quality Facial Cleansing System for Personal or Professional use

LAS VEGAS, NVJanuary 19, 2015 – The combination of a unique two-way rotating brush and German-formulated cosmetics offered in a salon-friendly system delivers new opportunities for salon owners to help their clients maintain soft, radiant skin with a cleansing and moisturizing method that is unlike any product available to the U.S. beauty industry. The B.Kettner Visoclean system offers an ideal solution for everyday facial beauty care.

First introduced to the beauty trade at the July 2014 CosmoProf event, European product lines from B.Kettner and MBK cosmetics are now being represented in the U.S. by J. White & Associates, with an eye on expanding distribution throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America.

“We’re delighted with the initial response to the B. Kettner Viscoclean, and we’re relying on sales experts with good contacts in the U.S. and Canada to continue expanding our presence. Salon owners and aestheticians are responding well to the product, which offers a great method of adding value to the salon experience with a differentiated product. Unlike other rotating brushes, the Viscoclean facial brush uses a rotating motion instead of a sonic motion. We believe this motion is more effective at cleaning, purifying and exfoliating the skin. It also has multiple speeds, a two-way scrubbing action, and can be used with a variety of MBK cleansers and skin care solutions,” said Dwight Sakuma, President of B. Kettner Visoclean distributor Telefield, N.A.

B.Kettner’s devices and MBK skin care solutions are based on high-end salon treatments that have been proven effective over more than two decades in beauty salons in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. The MBK skin care products are limited to only 15 ingredients per product and are formulated to be free of paraben synthetic preservatives and also do not contain PEG (polyethylene glycol) used in other products to help ingredients penetrate the skin.

“B.Kettner Visoclean is an affordable and effective professional solution, combining technology used in beauty salons with MBK skin care solutions that are formulated in Germany,” said Dwight Sakuma, President of Telefield, which is distributing the new B.Kettner line to select distributors and salon retailers. “The Visoclean System includes the rotating handheld brush designed in Munich and samples of MBK Creaming Cleansing Foam and Ultra Gentle Peeling formulations to give you a high end, salon-type experience.”

The B.Kettner Visoclean System includes a handheld electric brush that offers two speeds and two rotational modes for both unidirectional and swinging rotation. The rechargeable battery-powered brush is waterproof and the system includes two brushes – a “normal” bristle for everyday use and a “soft” bristle for sensitive skin.

MBK skin care solutions that come with the Visoclean system allow for both daily cleansing and gentle peeling. The daily cleansing mode with simple brush rotation uses Creamy Cleansing Foam (150 ml size) to both moisturize and softly cleanse the skin’s surface. A deeper cleansing and gentle peeling can be done with the MBK Ultra Gentle Peeling (25 ml size) for effective peeling of facial skin. The Ultra Gentle Peeling formulation is also available in the 100 ml size.

B.Kettner is a sub-brand of the MBK brand, a well-known German cosmetics name, and was created more than 20 years ago by biologist and beautician Brigitte Kettner. She studied bacteriology at a university in Italy and taught dermatology at the Florence Scuolo Estetica Moderna. Later, from Luxembourg, Kettner started development of her own cosmetics line.

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