“Boom-Free” Adaptive Beam Forming® Military Technology

Reduces Interference to Improve Communications Clarity

EAGLE, ID – (January 2, 2014) – Whether buffeted by mountaintop wind gusts on the ski slopes or the howling wind on the open road, the new UCLEAR Adventure Sport HBC150 Plus Communications System effectively isolates interference and works to constantly adapt and calibrate during changing weather and noisy background conditions. The result is interference-free connections to phone calls, intercom communications, GPS instructions, and music all customized for adventure-loving consumers. The HBC150 Plus is ideal for nearly any outdoor adventure — on the bike, on skis, on a snowboard, when hiking and even when rock climbing.  Designed to allow easy communications without a bothersome boom microphone, the UCLEAR Adventure Sport HBC150 Plus delivers crystal-clear communications under less-than-optimal conditions.

Instant Communications with Patented Technology

The Adventure Sport HBC150 Communications System in Intercom mode allows adventurers to speak to each other even when skiing the slopes or riding a big trail. BITwave’s patented technology converts voice communication to a digital WAV file and then uses Bluetooth wireless transmissions between devices. This approach insures instant communications without the need to engage the microphone to turn the system on, a feature that is especially useful when participating in adventure sports.

The HBC150 is configured to allow up to four people to talk at the same time. The System’s full-duplex intercom system allows up to four riders to communicate and is designed to allow for hands-free operation of incoming phone calls. The device’s voice recognition software allows a user to simply say “hello” to answer incoming phone calls. The Adventure Sport System is also water resistant and can operate in temperatures from -20oF to 140oF heat.

Available in January and to be shown at the 2015 International CES, the UCLEAR HBC150 Plus offers hands-free communication and advanced noise and wind cancellation for outdoor activities. The unit’s Bluetooth communications system is built with patented military-grade technology. The HBC150 Plus is being introduced by BITwave USA, an Idaho company exhibiting at International CES in Tech East, South Hall Upper Level, Booth #35424.

“The new UCLEAR Adventure Sport line is designed for the person who has to stay connected, but likes to go out and enjoy life. With our in-helmet high-fidelity speakers and combined microphone array system we’ve done away with the boom microphone that is a common annoyance. Our integrated speaker/microphone technology instantly detects the conditions in your environment and tunes the signal to weed out extraneous noise and improve communications,” said John Cacopardo, Vice President Sales and Marketing of BITwave USA.

“Our patented Adaptive Beam Forming® technology effectively isolates the voice and virtually eliminates annoying background noise so that there is less interference. What you hear is crystal-clear phone calls and intercom with a new level of clarity along with award-winning high-fidelity sound. Even on the ski slope or bike path, we know that people like to stay connected to their music, to nearby friends, and to the cell phone for important calls. The new HBC150 Plus is easy to use and install, designed to fit into most sports helmets,” Cacopardo explains.

The wearable HBC150 Plus Single (suggested retail price $179.95) and HBC150 Plus Dual, ideal for two users (suggested retail price $329.95), allows up to four individuals to speak with each other at the same time while enjoying outdoor sports and other adventures. The wireless system can be used for making phone calls, enjoying high-energy music, monitoring GPS devices while moving, and discussing your next adventure with friends connected to the same system. The system has a range of nearly one third of a mile per unit, and over one mile when using four units to link each user.

The HBC150 Plus includes a set of boomless speakers with built in microphones that may be used in any helmet as well as a set of Long Earbuds specifically designed to outfit a half helmet with the same functionality. The system also includes a variety of helmet mounts.

The complete HBC150 Plus Single package includes the HBC150 Plus Controller Unit, a speaker microphone set, long earbuds, USB charging cable, Mini-USB 18.5” extension, ski helmet attachment, bike helmet attachment, an earbud Velcro set, permanent helmet mount, and an AC adapter for recharging. The HBC150 Plus Dual includes two sets of accessories.

Other new products in the UCLEAR Adventure Sport line include:

  • An over-the-ear headset/docking unit to make it easy to use the HBC150 system in the gym, while riding a lawn mower, or in your home workshop. The HBC Anywhere over-the-ear Model AHP001 has a suggested retail price of $119.95 and is available later this month.
  • A long-range communications accessory that can increase the range of the HBC150 System up to five miles (weather and conditions permitting) is the WT500 Bluetooth 7 Watt Transmitter/Receiver (suggested retail price of $299.95, available later this spring.) The WT500 is the industry’s first dual Bluetooth walkie-talkie, with Bluetooth used for both remote control and for communications. The long-range transmitter and receiver could connect bikers who are racing up to five miles apart. The WT500 is all wireless, making it easy to stay in touch even over long distances.

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